McDowell: Rory has outgrown me now

Alex Ferguson adressed Europe's Ryder Cup team on Tuesday evening

Alex Ferguson adressed Europe’s Ryder Cup team on Tuesday evening

Graeme McDowell has hinted he may not play with Rory McIlroy at this year’s Ryder Cup, but insists that has nothing to do with the personal issues between the duo.

The Irish duo of McDowell and McIlroy have been Ryder Cup partners in the past, but the senior man of the duo admits the pairing may not have the same spark as it did a few years ago.

While legal issues between the two have soured their relationship, McDowell insists any decision to split him up from McIlroy will be made on sporting grounds.

"Our personal issues have been well documented the last couple years and I believe that we've both come out of the other end of that probably better friends than we were going into it," McDowell told his pre-event press conference on Tuesday.

"So our personal issues are not a problem this weekend, that's a fact.

"I think tactically, Rory and I's golf dynamic has changed significantly from the first time we ever played together back in 2009 at the Seve Trophy, when perhaps the older brother/younger brother leadership role that maybe I had with him, that's changed.

"He's the world's number one player. He's a four-time major champion. The dynamic between him and I is changed forever.

"He would now be the leader of the two of us and perhaps the dynamic doesn't work as well as it did in the past.

"Perhaps I'm the kind of guy that needs that leadership role a little bit, who needs to feel like he is on at least on a level with the guy he's playing with.

"I've spoken to (captain Paul) McGinley about this as well because he felt like himself and (Padraig) Harrington were the same way.

"They gelled well as a partnership in their early days, but when Harrington became the star (winning three major titles), the dynamic changed from a tactical point of view. It just didn't work so well anymore.

"So I kind of feel that's kind of the way Rory and I are viewing this week."

The preparations for Europe's Ryder Cup team continued on Tuesday evening with a rousing team meeting that was fronted by words of encouragement from former Manchester United manager Alex Ferguson.

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