Live roulette provides an enticing alternative to the online game

If there is one game synonymous with the casino, it is probably roulette. Somehow, there is nothing more quintessentially identifiable with the casino than the spinning roulette wheel and the suspense as the ball drops into a winning slot. And now the online revolution means that you can join a real roulette table from the comfort of your own home. The question is live roulette or casino roulette?

live roulette or casino roulette?

For many, live roulette is the future of the game. Thanks to a top quality stream, you can take part in a genuine roulette game direct from your computer. While online roulette used to mean a virtual version of the game, live roulette is essentially the real thing. It enables you to play against real opponents with real dealers communicating directly with you. But, is it better than actually visiting a bricks and mortar casino?

The main advantage of live casino play is the sheer convenience. No need to get dressed up and travel any distance. Live casino merely requires internet access, meaning that you are quite literally just a few clicks away from playing. And it is incredibly easy to play once you are online, with a live chat box and virtual table also on screen to help you interact and keep track of play.

As for the potential prizes on offer, there is nothing really to choose between live roulette and casino roulette. The stakes are determined by the table at both versions, although there is often a minimum buy-in. Of course, it would be logical to think that a bricks and mortar casino has the edge when it comes to atmosphere. Plenty of roulette players will say that you simply can’t beat the atmosphere of a land-based casino. However, live casino makes a very good attempt at doing so. You will find all the trappings of the casino in the live version of the game, from the casino fittings to the dealers’ fine evening wear. In short, if a real casino is not for you, then live casino is a fantastic alternative.

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