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Strategies for Video Poker

Video poker is a really relaxing game, we love it here in writing. You will see that when you start playing, you will have a hard time stopping, it's so exciting. But aside from the distracting side, we still need to be clear, we want to make money and we are certain that it is also your goal. So, to do this, we will simply ask you to follow the recommendations that we are going to propose to you now.

Become attached to recognize the variant

Video poker is one of the online casino games that will offer you the most variants in, that is to say different style of play. There may be a dozen and they are all as fun as each other. What's important to know is that for each variant, you will actually have a completely different gain chart. This means that depending on what you play, you will have different combinations to achieve to gain.

It is therefore important that you observe the earnings chart as much as possible and know what combinations you should put in place. It may be that in a variant, a pair of 10 does not work while in the variant Tens or Better, it is actually the minimum.

Thinking for the exchange

Then, do not confuse video poker and slot machine. If in the slot machine, you have nothing to do but bet and wait for luck to smile, when you play video poker at, it takes time to think about what combinations you will be able to perform. Sometimes the best combination will not blow your eyes. It is important that you take the time to analyze the situation. In addition, you have no time limit to video poker so use this advantage.

Play in multi hands mode

There is multi hands mode when you play video poker. That is to say, you will take control of one hand and the result of it will relate to others. We explain: you can choose to play with 1 hand, 25 hands, 50 hands or 100 hands. The first draw is only done on the first hand. What you choose to keep on the first hand, it will also keep on the other hands and then, for the second draw, all hands will be independent of each other. That's why you can get a lot of money in one game.

Always try to leave or double

Finally, we really think that the left or double is a technique that can pay you big. Indeed, it will not be very difficult to double your winnings with this mini game because the first draw card is often simple. For cons, be careful not to be too greedy, the risk of losing everything on one shot, which is still a shame. If you do one or two winning moves, then cash your winnings.

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