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Progressive Slots

This is a machine that speaks well of her. Some call her the dream saleswoman. It's no wonder that we gave him this nickname because the gains it can bring you, there is something to dream. Slot machines are not the most popular among those that make up nya svenska casino and land-based casinos. Yes, whatever the type of establishment, hard or Internet, you will find these machines. But by the way, do you know what a progressive slot machine is? No ? So follow the guide.

A progressive slot machine, what is it?

They are also known as progressive jackpot slots. These are machines that will allow players who will try to win a sum, sometimes astronomical, realizing the perfect combination, which will be displayed with the other combinations in the table of earnings. This combination obviously depends on the machine you are playing on.

The operation of these machines is simple, every time a player who plays on the machine in question bets, a part of this sum will fill the pot called jackpot. The jackpot increases over time depending on the number of players who are on the machine, hence the progressive term to qualify this jackpot.

Network machines, why?

The jackpot can increase more or less quickly depending on the slot machine and its popularity. What you need to know is that online slot machines are connected to each other on the publisher's network. Take the example of Rival Gaming, the publisher that no longer presents and his machine "Money King". Well, since Rival is the publisher of a lot of casinos on the Internet, all the players on all the casinos who play Money King will help to make the jackpot of this machine bigger.

A machine lying on a wide network will see its jackpot grow much faster. And the more the machine will have a big jackpot to win and the more it will attract players baited by the gain. In land-based casinos, the machines are also gathered on networks that make the jackpot rise quickly. The networks can be internal to the room in which you are or even can be extended on a group casino.

Get the jackpot, how?

To pick up this sum that you see sometimes increase rapidly every second, you have no other way than to play big. Indeed, statistically, it is clear that the progressive jackpots are won by the players who put the maximum on the machine. If you therefore have a rather limited budget, playing on this type of machine may not be the right option. On the contrary, if nothing scares you and you think you can hold the shock with the biggest best bet casino x, go for it.

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