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Texas Holdem Poker

Certainly the most famous poker variant in the world, absolute protagonist in the world of cinema, in the literature of the sector and in gambling houses from all over the world.

Texas hold'em poker is probably the first card game that has earned itself the title of skill game, so even if the cards are involved, it is the personal component of the game (intelligence, cunning, the ability and courage, or skills), to make the difference. poker offers the possibility to play texas Hold'em online with the latest software that will amaze you with its quality, reliability and security. Let's see how a game is played and what are the main rules of the game.

The purpose of the game

Texas hold'em poker can be played by 2 to 10 players per table and aims to get the maximum score possible with the best combination of 5 cards between the 2 that are dealt to each player and the 5 municipalities that are discovered on the table. The following is a detailed description of the stages of a Texas Hold'em poker game.

Small Blind and Big Blind (small and big blind)

The game begins with the bets of the first two players who sit to the left of the dealer (which is recognized by a button placed on the table which generally bears the letter D, and which passes from player to player clockwise throughout the game). When in this position the players are obliged to bet before the cards are dealt, to ensure that there is a pot. Generally the big blind is twice the small blind. The value of the blinds increases with increasing levels of play in tournaments, while it remains unchanged in cash game games. By choice of the table an ANTE can also be added, that is a fixed bet that all players are obliged to put on the table before the start of the game.

The first betting round (preflop)

Now the word is for the other players to decide whether to enter the game or not, and they will do so only after receiving two cards. At this point there are three game options: Call: Calling the hand, or entering the game by betting a stake that is equivalent to the big blind.

Fold: Give up your hand.

Raise: Raise by placing a bigger bet in the pot than the big blind or the previous raise.

The Flop

At this point you enter the heart of the game and three common cards called Flops are distributed on the table. As pointed out, the aim of the game is to get the best possible combination of 5 cards, including between the two cards received and the common ones placed on the table. The second round of bets starts, normally the first to speak is the player who sits to the left of the dealer who can decide between the following options:

Check: Continue the hand without further bets (option available only if in the betting round in question no player has made a bet / bet).

Bet: Place a bet, or enter the game by betting the minimum amount allowed.

Raise: Raise by placing a bet in the pot that is larger than the previous one.

Call: Call the hand, or bet a stake that is equivalent to the last one made.

Fold: Give up your hand.

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