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What are the slots?

Most people look at a wide range of slot machines in casinos (including casinos on the Internet), considering that they are all the same. They see a pen, a hole for coins, flashing lights, and about the same image. Therefore, they miss a lot of valuable information that will help them determine how best to choose a slot machine and what slots are - all this is further in our article.

There are several types of machines that you need to know:

Multiplier: this machine pays for the appearance of a certain symbol, multiplying the number of coins. If the machine pays 5 coins for three lemons (with one coin), then it will pay out 10 coins for the second coin, 15 for the third and so on. This machine will not punish you if you do not play with a maximum of coins. If you want to play one coin at a time, this is the right type of machine for you.

Bonus Multiplier: This machine works the same as the previous one, except that it offers a bonus in the game with the maximum number of coins and allows you to hit the jackpot. For three sevens, you can get 1,000 with one coin, 2,000 with two coins and 10,000 with the maximum number of coins. You have to decide whether to risk coins for the bonus.

Multiple paylines: these machines have more than one line of play. Each coin activates a specific line. If you become a winner on a line that is not activated, you will not get anything. On the old machines there were three lines, and the new video slots contain up to 25 such lines.

Progressive Slots: A small percentage of the amount is added to the jackpot amount. As an example, “Megabucks” or “Quarter Mania”, which have connected several casinos in one network and offer a general jackpot? In such machines, the payout percentage is lowered, since there is a big prize at stake. Some casinos offer machines that are interconnected only within this casino and offer mini jackpots. Never play progressive slots with NOT the maximum number of coins. There is a legend according to which one woman knocked out Megabucks (when the jackpot was $ 20 million), but since she lacked one coin, she managed to pick up only $ 5,000. Although this is just a legend, in reality, many people lose the progressive jackpot due to lack of coins.

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